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Prim Winston-Smith 


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: Happy Birthday to me! I thought the PING fitter Colin Field was very good. It's so refreshing to find someone who isn't trying to put pressure on me to buy a whole bag of new sticks. 


Anything to add: "You and Nicole are so diligent in your professionalism.  We are very lucky!   Thank you."

kate Knight  


Rating: Awesome 

What I Like: I had my first lesson (on-course) with Graeme where we played a few holes. The lesson was hugely beneficial for me: some very useful tips keeping everything simple but helpful.


Anything to add: I highly recommend a lesson with Graeme! Keep doing what you are doing.

Luke Skinner Testimonial.jpg

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luke skinner  


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: I joined Murwillumbah Golf Club about 2.5 years ago, transferring from Mullumbimby Golf Club. My Golf Australia (GA) handicap was 34. I was in the process of looking for a new long-term coach and read up on Graeme Trew's credentials. I went and had a chat with him and booked a 5-lesson package to begin with. Do you know when something just feels right? Well, this was it ... and we hadn’t even hit a ball.


I came to Graeme in pretty bad shape, with a high handicap, incorrectly fitted clubs and a slice that would be of envy on those tight dog legs on the US PGA Tour! Together, we stripped it all back to the beginning and took a “BABY STEPS” approach.


Graeme explains and teaches in a way that is effortless to understand and apply to your ability. Now, my GA handicap is 19, my clubs are correctly fitted, I am the Nett runner up in the 2020 Club Championships and have won a monthly medal. But most importantly, Graeme has given me the physical and mental tools to improve and to continue improving my game into the future. However, this has not come without hard work and dedication.


If you are serious about improving your game, don’t expect results to happen after a couple of lessons and have the passion to drive yourself to achieve long term results, then 'Trewy' is your go to coach!  Thank you, Graeme, for your dedication in coaching and I look forward to our continued journey.

How can we improve: Keep investing in yourself to deliver the best products available.

Anything to add: "Ping Play Your Best"

jan williams


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: I'm in my 80's. An age where your game of golf can decline as strength decreases. Many people stop investing in developing their game at this age. Graeme could see my frustration and offered me a Golf Club Tune-Up assessment, including digital swing analysis. His report identified some issues with my current set of clubs that were hindering my performance and enjoyment of the game.  


He adjusted the lies and lofts to their right specifications for my current needs, tested all shafts and aligned their spines to keep more of my shots on the fairways. He also regripped some clubs with multiple wraps and wider grips so they felt more comfortable in my hands.  


Graeme took the time to listen - he gave me some lessons and custom fitted me for a new PING 9 wood. The extra loft and swing drills have helped me get the ball in the air with ease, so the ball actually goes further. A while later I invested in a half set of irons.  I really love golf and feel like I still have a lot of golf left in me, which Graeme recognized and supported me to realise and continue enjoying. 

I was brought to tears with the prospect of loosing Graeme and Nicole. I will miss you both. Narrabri Golf Club and the Central North District will benefit though!


Anything to add: "I now need a PING 6 iron or hybrid at the next fitting day"

Mark Thomas  


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: I'm so happy with my PING LST purchased through MGIC. The feel of the club is amazing. When using it I never missed the fairway all day and I shot 1 under. I was absolutely impressed and still glowing the next day.


Thanks Graeme!

shaun haysom  


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: I'm devastated you are leaving Murwillumbah Golf Club. My golf has been so solid and my handicap has dropped from a 9 to a 4 since buying the custom fitted PING driver and having just one lesson with Graeme.


Love your work and wish you the very best!

Dianna and grandkids at range.jpg

Tell us

simon kennaugh 


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: We've appreciated your enthusiasm and the boys have loved coming to the holiday golf clinics when they've been able to travel there. You've definitely helped to foster a love of golf in them and in their grandma. I know mum has really appreciated the women's clinics and Friday morning on-course clinics.


Anything to add: "All the best at Narrabri - you deserve great things!"

samantha McGilligan


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: A big THANK YOU to Graeme for all of his encouragement and a lot of patience in introducing Sue and I to the game of golf.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! 


Anything to add: "You’ll both be missed. we’re both still playing but it’s been very sporadic.  We both agree we need a refresher course. We looked to see how far away you guys would be but decided a 7 hr trip to Narrabri maybe pushing it.. 🤣🤣🤣"

Benitka Dwyer 


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: We are going to miss you both. The place won't be the same without you. Thank you Graeme for your amazing golf lessons for Cameron, Lachie and Mal. It was beautiful to watch their confidence grow. Graeme you have given the boys the very best start.


Anything to add: "Lucky Narrabri! All the best for the next chapter!"

mike & vicki Mcgowan 


Rating: Excellent 

What I Like: Thank you so much for the wonderful facility and tuition at MGIC. When we are on the road we will visit  Narrabri for a social catch up and Golf Health Check


Anything to add: "We wish you every success!"

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