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With over one million participants nationwide, there is no doubt that golf brings pleasure and enjoyment to many. 

Still we can get frustrated with our game, not knowing what is going on or what we need to work on to improve our mindset, skills, technique, equipment and enjoyment of the game.


We can ease this frustration and gain piece of mind by getting a regular check up.


The GOLF HEALTH CHECK provides first aid for your golf game in just 1.5 hours. Through a thorough assessment of particular aspects of your game, from your inspiration for playing, aims, approach to game development, lesson and practice routine and equipment, the MGIC Team will provide personalised recommendations for improvement of either your short or long game with a clear action plan for staying on target.

During the one hour short or long game golf health check process, the MGIC Coach or Instructor will ask questions about your game in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses and current goals. Once you have booked your GOLF HEALTH CHECK download, complete and submit the Golf Health Check Form to to start the conversation about your game, and what motivates you as a golfer. Your golfing expectations, needs and skills will be assessed to hone in on what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve and what needs to occur to get you there.

The skills test for your long game involves digital swing analysis and putting diagnosis for your short game. Going through key clubs in your bag, the FlightScope launch monitor will analyse technical aspects of your swing such as ball speed, carry, total distance, and launch angles of each shot, to determine your correct:

·         lie angle;

·         shaft flex and material;

·         head design;

·         grip type and thickness;

·         club loft; and 

·         set makeup.


Alternatively, five putting stroke key performance indicators are measured using the iPING 2.0 Putting App:

·         closing angle;

·         impact angle;

·         tempo;

·         lie angle; and

·         shaft lean.


These stroke metrics, combined with detailed input from you about your putting are analysed. The resulting fitting algorithm identifies your stroke style, allowing the MGIC Team to recommend the proper stroke type, length, loft, lie and weight of your ideal putter. 


With due consideration of your social or competitive aspirations, handicap (if applicable), recent sores for nine or 18 holes and available time, we agree on a set of realistic and achievable goals that are honed to improve specific aspects of your short or long game. As we clean and test your equipment, we note the set makeup, original specifications, current readings and condition of shafts, heads, grips etc. and if necessary, provide recommendations for improvement.


You will walk away knowing how to improve your skills and measure the improvement. You will understand the drills and commitment required to achieve your goals having viewed either a high-speed video analysis of your swing or digital reading of your putting session. You'll receive a user-friendly Golf Development Plan. The Plan includes a development program for practice, private lessons, group clinics or on-course tuition (if required), along with the Golf Club Tune-Up Report. The report outlines the condition and future care of what's in your bag, how your set is influencing your game and whether its time to refurbish, fix or replace particular items in order to achieve your goals.


Think of it like your car .... which we regularly service to maintain performance. You don't want things to go wrong or break down. Why? Because a break down attracts greater risk and is usually a bigger, more costly problem to fix. So how do we avoid that? By getting our cars regularly serviced to maintain and even improve performance. In this way we better manage our expectations, become more aware of emerging technology and how it impacts performance, we gain piece of mind and save money over time.

The GOLF HEALTH CHECK focused on your long or short game is exactly that. An annual check-up (or more if you wish) to ensure that your game is being looked at and serviced with a focused diagnosis to ensure we know what you want out of your golf experiences and how to rectify any issues before they become bigger, more costly issues in future. 


Many times the MGIC team see golfers self-assess their equipment and self-evaluate their own game only to compound the issue or band aid the real problem. So consider this:


  • Do you service your own car? ... or do you get a qualified, registered and reputable mechanic to do the job?

  • When you need your physical and mental health assessed do you use google? ... or schedule an appointment with a trusted, qualified and accredited medical practitioner?

In much the same way, PGA Golf Professional and Master Clubfitter Graeme Trew and his Team of accredited coaches and instructors are qualified and authorised to look after your golf mindset, skills, technique, equipment and game. 


Health check Service

  • TrackMan 4 digital swing analysis (long game focus); or

  • Fit for Stroke putting diagnosis (short game focus); and

  • Equipment clean and assessment;

  • Structured Golf Development Plan; 

  • Golf improvement recommendations.

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Golf is flexible, fun and includes a variety of game formats, programs and participation options. The diversity and inclusivity golf offers, allows the sport to be accessible by all, and truly ensures that it is ‘the game for life’.


We are proud to raise awareness and promote the sport at a grassroots community level, as golf contributes to a broad range of social benefits such as community cohesion, social mobility, social inclusion and social capital.

Utilise the GOLF HEALTH CHECK at least annually to keep playing well for life!

Still have questions? Contact us

Did you know that:

  • Participation in golf provides regular and inter-generational social interaction across the lifespan;

  • Golf provides a foundation to build a strong and connected community;

  • The game of golf and golf courses provide a strong connection to the outdoors and natural environment; 

  • Golf teaches valuable life lessons and principles such as respect, honesty, etiquette and self discipline. Golfers from NSW are  more likely to volunteer within the community (73%) than Australian Golfers (63%), general sport participants (42%) and non-sport participants (19%);

  • NSW golfers have a life satisfaction score of 8.0 compared to Australian population 7.3 and OECD countries 6.6; 

  • NSW golfers score 10 percentage points higher for health and social capital than Australian sport participants and 18 percentage points higher than non-sport participants.

Source: Community Impact Study: Golf in NSW November 2017

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