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Women's & Men's Golf

Golf can seem complicated to the uninitiated. So many rules, different kinds of clubs ... and then there's the lingo: birdies, bogeys, bump-and-runs. Its a language and some complexities that the Indoor Golf Narrabri and Golfie Pro Shop (IGN&GPS) team of accredited PGA Coaches and Community Instructors can help new golfers navigate.


Our goal is to simplify golf and make learning fun. We will shepherd you through any uncertainty such as:


  • What kind of equipment will I need?

  • How and when do I practice?

  • How will I know that I'm ready for the golf course?


There are no silly questions about getting started in golf so don't be afraid to ask for an answer. 

Do you:

  • Look to socialize while you learn new active skills? 

  • Want to enjoy golf more, read greens to sink more putts and simplify bunker shots? 

  • Wish to refine your chipping, pitching or full swing to lower your score? 

We welcome people of all abilities and golf skill levels, from beginners to social players and those that play at pennant, state, national and PGA Tour level. We teach every aspect of the game: physical and mental.


Adult golf development programs include:

  • Get into golf

  • Play better golf

  • On-course golf master class

  • Private Lessons and tuition indoors and outdoors


If you are unsure about which program to choose, it is always best to discuss your individual goals, game development strategy and the timing of your learning, practice and play.


Talk with a member of the IGN&GPS Team in person or by phone, social media, text, or email.

Private Golf Lessons

Are you struggling around the greens? 

Not capitalising on good approach shots?

Looking to shave strokes from your game?


A private lesson starts with a conversation about what motivates you as a golfer and the strengths and weaknesses of your game. We look at what you’re trying to achieve and determine how to get you there.

Then we get you working on the right things to improve your technique and the areas of your game requiring the most attention.  You will learn how to build a good golf swing to hit the ball straighter and then longer. 


The Indoor Golf Narrabri studios and TrackMan technology give you the data you need to analyse aspects of your swing, including ball speed, carry, total distance, the launch angles of each shot etc. TrackMan data is intuitive and performance-enhancing and willhelp you to practice and improve faster than you thought possible.

We will then take your game to the golf course and use what you have learnt to improve on-course decision-making and club selection which results in greater consistency and enjoyment of the game, as getting up and down from any situation on the fairway and around the green is the key to stroke reduction, lowering your handicap or becoming the club champion. 


Private golf lesson $120

Do you want to improve two or three aspects of your game? A private lesson in our studios or on-course may be shared by two people. Private lessons provide targeted knowledge and skills to transform weak areas of your game into scoring opportunities. 

Lesson Packages

  • 3 x private lessons $330 (save $30)

  • 5 x private lessons $500 (save $100)

  • 10 x private lessons $900 (save $250)


Lessons with regular practice at Indoor Golf Narrabri and on course will improve your technical understanding of the game, your mindset, confidence and on-course decisions to realise scoring opportunities and improve your handicap by leaps and bounds.


Once you have booked your PRIVATE LESSON OR PACKAGE download, complete and submit the Golf Lesson Consultation Form 


Email the completed form to to start the conversation about your current game and motivations for playing golf, so we can hone in on what you’re trying to achieve and how to get you there.



Lady Golfers vector.JPG

A lesson includes TrackMan

James Leitz, Golf Professional of the Year in Louisiana who specialises on swing and ball flight theory explains why TrackMan is the toolbox to fix your swing. Without it you are only getting half a lesson.


Once you understand golf concepts and and feel the numbers you fix your swing and trust the TrackMan data and your coach 100%. Thats the only road to working on the right things to improving your swing, and achieve more consistent results on course.

Group Golf Clinics

GET INTO GOLF – Newcomer clinic

Tuesday 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm


  •  Starting - 27 Feb 2024 - 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month

$35 per person / session


Group size: Max. 2 groups with 4 people per group


A flexible, fortnightly program for prospective, new and C grade golfers who want to have fun in a comfortable and relaxed indoor and outdoor environment developing and honing fundamental golf skills. 

You can bring your own equipment. Otherwise, all equipment is supplied and all the basics of the game are covered, including:

  • Golf clubs, tees and balls

  • Simplified rules of golf

  • Putting

  • Chipping

  • Full swing

  • Driving

Learn how to swing the club to get you up and down the fairway and putting on the green.  


This program includes indoor and outdoor learning, some on-course tuition, playing golf in small groups and a celebratory drink.

What to wear:

  • golf or sport leisure attire (shirt | shorts | pants | skorts)

  • hat, runners or golf shoes

  • jacket or sun sense sleeves outdoors

What to bring:

  • water bottle with water

  • sun screen

  • your smile (and a friend)

  • golf clubs (if you have your own set)

Places are limited - bookings are essential!

To register call/text: 0411 752 170 

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