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Custom Fitting

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Wednesday 14 July, 2021

12.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Need a new putter, driver, iron, wood, hybrid or full set of clubs?

Custom -fit clubs will enhance every golfer’s game. Your equipment can make a much bigger difference than you think. Beyond good technique and regular practice, the keys to success on the course lie with a proper fitting. 

A fitting is complimentary with the prospect of a future purchase!

A quality fit is only as good as the one building the clubs. Graeme Trew has been at this gig for over 35 years and voted one of The World’s Top 100 Professional Club Fitters every year since 2011. The Top 100 list is designed to help golfers find legitimate, highly skilled fitters and precise builders who have outstanding reputations and integrity

As a PGA Australia and International Professional Association of ClubFitters (IPAC) member, Graeme regularly attends professional development programs and seminars to maintain Master Club Fitter and Builder status. He is dedicated to the goals of both associations and helping golf enthusiasts play better golf. He promotes the highest standards of skill, integrity and passion for his profession and puts “performance” before “profits”. His most important attribute is the rush he gets out of doing a job exactly right to deliver the perfect combination of clubhead, shaft and grip for each client's unique needs. Graeme's work is 100% guaranteed. 


During the MGIC custom fitting process, Graeme will ask questions about your game in terms of relative strengths, weaknesses, your handicap (if you have one) and current goals. He will evaluate your golfing needs by honing in on what it is you’re trying to achieve and what needs to occur to get there. Ultimately, he aims to build equipment that is perfectly matched to your physique, swing, goals and game development strategy. 

Using the driving range facilities in the fitting process means you can see the ball flight, where it lands and how far it rolls. This is critical in choosing equipment that delivers your best results. The FlightScope launch monitor will analyse technical aspects of your swing including ball speed, carry, total distance, and launch angles of each shot, to determine your correct:

  • lie angle;

  • shaft flex and material;

  • head design;

  • grip type and thickness;

  • club loft; and 

  • set makeup.

MGIC recommend and supply PING and KZG, premium and niche brands, which are engineered for your unique swing and stroke. 


The iPING 2.0 Putting App ensures you experience a tour-level putter fitting, which measures and analyses five putting stroke key performance indicators:

  • closing angle;

  • impact angle;

  • tempo;

  • lie angle;

  • shaft lean

These stroke metrics, combined with detailed input from you about your putting are analysed. The fitting algorithm identifies your Fit for Stroke style and recommends the proper stroke type, length, loft, lie and weight for a PING putter. PING’s reputation as the club-fitting leader has been earned through decades of research and experience in the field. If you're seeking a comprehensive, specialist PING fitting Contact us to reserve your place in the next MGIC PING Fitting day. PING workmanship is second to none. The price you pay when you invest in PING equipment is justified by the exceptionally high quality build, guarantee and ongoing service you will receive as you build on your collection. 


Purchasing KZG equipment, following a no stone unturned KZG fitting will cost you about the same price as you would pay for a decent off-the-shelf set of clubs, for which you will pay extra to have them adjusted and still find they aren't quite right for you. The difference is that KZG clubs are only available for purchase following a custom fit by a KZG authorized fitter and the clubs are built to exceptionally tight tolerances. KZG’s detail-oriented process is one other companies would be wise to model and as the #1 Custom ProLine Equipment Company™ you know your KZG set is going to perform.

So don't buy off-the-shelf equipment only to have them adjusted and still not suit your needs. You'll ultimately pay much more than the mass produced and often poorly balanced equipment is worth. GET CUSTOM FITTED FIRST to optimize your comfort and performance on course and ensure you can't blame your poor golf score on your equipment.