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Custom Fitting

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Thursday 2 May 2024 

9 am - 1 pm

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What are the three main reasons you're not playing to your potential?

  1. Your swing.

  2. Your mind.

  3. Your clubs.

Should you buy golf clubs off the rack?

That depends if you want the best opportunity to make informed choices about your clubs to play your best golf game or not.  The TrackMan 4 Performance Studio provides a complete club and fitting experience that analyzes your shot-making to give a unique, tailored service. A fitting powered by technology is accurate and second to none. 

We know how important fitting to simplifying golf and boosting your game. The Indoor Golf Narrabri Fitting Studios have all the tools and data required to deliver a complete analysis of your swing and equipment needs. That means informed choices and better golf.


Your golf swing is like a set of fingerprints – it is unique to your DNA, and no one including the best impressionists can mimic it exactly.  It makes no sense to apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to setting you up with the perfect set of clubs for your current golfing needs. This is true regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are at golf or what your handicap is.  


Gone are the days when the same specs are sold to every person. Golf equipment is no longer a self-shoppable product.” Graeme says. "Custom-fit clubs will enhance every golfer’s game and confidence!"  Your equipment can make a much bigger difference than you think. Beyond good technique and regular practice, the keys to greater consistency and success on the course lie with a proper fitting. 


One myth about clubfitting is get fit once, and use those specs for life. That thinking is off-base according to Graeme. “Elite players have fittings and equipment checks all the time,” he says. “If the general club golfer plays on a rough track, is tweaking their swing or being coached, a spot check every six to twelve months is fine. If the golfer is simply playing without making changes, a clubfitting is likely every three to five years.”

A fitting is $110, which will be deducted from your equipment purchase price!

A quality fit is only as good as the one building the clubs. Graeme Trew has been custom fitting and building golf clubs for over 35 years and voted one of The World’s Top 100 Professional Club Fitters every year since 2011. The Top 100 list help golfers find legitimate, highly skilled fitters and precise builders who have outstanding reputations and integrity

As a PGA Australia and International Professional Association of ClubFitters (IPAC) member, Graeme attends development programs and seminars to maintain Master Club Fitter and Builder status and is dedicated to the goals of both associations to help golf enthusiasts play better golf.


Graeme's work is 100% guaranteed. He promotes the highest standards of skill, integrity and passion for his profession, putting “performance” before “profits”. The rush he gets out of doing a job exactly right delivers the perfect combination of clubhead, shaft and grip for each client's unique needs.

Regardless of your skill level, every golfer will benefit from custom golf club fitting:

  • Be fitted for a specific club, a partial set or a full set of golf clubs (driver, irons, hybrids, woods, wedges and a putter);

  • State-of-the-art TrackMan 4 launch monitor and clear data on every shot with game-enhancing pointers;

  • Technical feedback about club head speed, swing path, angle of attack, launch angle, ball speed and spin;

  • OptiFit technology – the ultimate in interchangeable head, weights and shaft combinations; and

  • iPING 2.0 Putting App putter fitting, which measures five putting stroke key performance indicators.


Contact us to discuss your fitting. Schedule a private fitting or reserve your place in the next fitting day.

Krystal has a natural right hand slice. She is tall, strong and new to golf, with a 45 handicap. 


Krystal's goal: To consistently hit higher, longer, straighter shots with her driver and irons.  

After trying varous brands and club head/shaft cominiations, Krystal's best golf set makeup was: 

Brand: Callaway

Model: 2024 Paradym Ai Smoke

Setting: Draw setting to reduce a slice

Shaft: Elevate 95 Reg men's flex steel shaft 5 - PW

Length: Standard

Lie: Standard 

Grip: Golf Pride mid size


"My swing now feels effortless. My irons are more stable, so my swing feels more controled. Increasingly, Im connecting the centre of the club face with the ball and hitting an average of 20 to 30 metres longer.  My shots are consistentlyin the air and landing on the fairway.  The improvement following the custom fitting was so noticeable that I also booked in for a driver fitting and I love the outcome - thanks Graeme!"

Krystal Brown

How to prepare for your custom fitting?


  1. Download, complete and submit the Club Fitting Consultation Form.

  2. Email the completed form to or bring it along with you.

  3. Also bring your equipment, particularly your driver and 7 iron, which serves as a fitting benchmark, as flight discrepancies from incorrect lie angles are easy to see; 

  4. Go into a custom fitting with an open mind, prepared to make a performance-based decision so you end up with the best equipent for you and your game.


Graeme will ask questions about your game in terms of relative strengths, weaknesses, your handicap (if you have one) and current goals. He will evaluate your golfing needs by honing in on what it is you’re trying to achieve and what needs to occur to get you there. Ultimately, he aims to build equipment that is perfectly matched to your physique, swing, goals and development plan. 


In the fitting process you will see the ball flight, where it lands and how far it rolls. This is critical in choosing equipment that delivers your best results. The TrackMan 4 launch monitor will analyse technical aspects of your swing including ball speed, carry, total distance, and launch angles of each shot, to determine your correct:

  • lie angle;

  • shaft flex and material;

  • head design;

  • grip type and thickness;

  • club loft; and 

  • set makeup.

Dont ignore your wedges. Fifty per cent of the game is played from less than 100 metres in and this is where most people have the most trouble, so its very important to get fitted for wedges. Nine out of 10 golfers don’t use enough bounce with their wedges. (That’s the angle formed by the sole, the leading edge and the ground.)


Incorrect distance gapping between wedges is where a lot of amateurs come unstuck. We start by evaluating how far the ball travels using a 9-iron. We then set up lofts that provide very consistent and even gaps to your highest lofted sand wedge. Think of all the short shots you play on to a green – you’ll want to hit partial shots, some from the rough, some from the bunkers. We explore which bounce and grind will help you achieve the short-game shots you want and that varies for every swing.


After the fitting, if the specs you need are not available from stock on hand, a custom order will be placed with a premium or niche brand, including PING, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon/ClevelandMizuno, Wilson or Titleist.

In most cases Graeme fits people for clubs who have swung the same way for many years and have no desire to change their technique. Graeme will do his best to optimise the fit with your current technique. Some level of instruction is a vital component of the fitting process as the TrackMan 4 data will identify undesirable swing tendencies and options for improvement. If it is better for you to postpone the club fitting and have a lesson to establish a more ideal club delivery, Graeme will recommend this approach.

Here are some warning signs that you’re not getting a proper fitting:

1. The fitter doesn't explain the process.

You need to know why you were fitted the way you were and walk away from the experiencing understanding more about the way you play and your natural tendencies.

2. The fitter doesn't ask enough questions

You need to discuss your goals, game and your equipment. How can you track improvement without a baseline measurement?

3. The fitter doesn't use the latest tools 

Launch monitors, video tracking and fitting systems such as shaft frequency analyser, lie and loft machine etc. Feel is important, but an accurate technical analysis is critical. Ask the fitter about their equipment. Get them to show you what they are looking for in the adjustments they recommend.

4. The fitter doesn't offer enough choice

You need what’s best for your game, not what’s best for your game limited to the fitter’s stock levels. 


The iPING 2.0 Putting App ensures you experience a tour-level putter fitting, which measures and analyses five putting stroke key performance indicators:

  • closing angle;

  • impact angle;

  • tempo;

  • lie angle;

  • shaft lean

These stroke metrics, combined with detailed input from you about your putting are analysed. The fitting algorithm identifies your Fit for Stroke style and recommends the proper stroke type, length, loft, lie and weight for a suitable putter. 

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