Junior Golf

The CNGPS/MGIC Team of accredited PGA Coaches and Community Instructors are positive, patient and fun - all hold current Working With Children Check (WWCC) status in NSW, which involves a National Police Check (criminal history record check) and a review of reportable workplace misconduct. Coaches and Instructors inspire learners and use their expertise to unpack complex ideas into their simplest forms to build knowledge and measure competency at every level.


Four types of junior programs are available:

Though fun and inclusive game-based activities, young golfers participating in the weekly Junior MyGolf Clinics and vacation programs learn about the code of polite behaviour, golf rules, technique, strategy and sportsmanship. 


As understanding and skill increases, learners transition into private lessons, supervised practice sessions and on course tuition taught before or after school at the range and on real fairways and greens. We focus on mastering 7 main shots, which all require slightly different approaches:

• Putting
• Pitching
• Chipping
• Bunker play
• Irons
• Woods/hybrids
• Driver


When a person understands how to play these shots they enjoy playing golf and are happier with their game as they practice and increase playing. 

Junior golfers also have the opportunity to play in a variety of junior events, attend golf camps and play social or competitive golf. 

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Vacation Programs

School holiday spring vacation program


11am - 3pm

  • ​Wednesday 29 September, 2021

  • Thursday 30 September, 2021

  • Friday 1 October, 2021


$60 / day for each child

$160 / All 3 days paid up front by Tues 28 Sept, 2021

(includes equipment, games, on-course play, lunch, snacks, drinks)


  • Children - Primary School age

  • Young people - High School age


  • All welcome - golf is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, class, language, beliefs or ability

  • The program celebrates diversity and activities are easily modified to support children and young people with various sensory, intellectual or physical needs

What to wear:

  • golf  or sport leisure attire (shirt | shorts | pants | skorts)

  • hat

  • runners or golf shoes

  • jacket or sun sense sleeves

What to bring:

  • water bottle with water

  • sun screen

  • mosquito repellent wristband, patch, clip or repellent

  • your smile

  • golf clubs are not essential (bring them if you have your own set) 

Tell us about any:

  • special dietary requirements or allergies

  • medications

  • participation or equipment modifications

  • behavioral, cognitive or other support strategies

  • collection or protection requirements

Please view our Child Safe Policy

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Weekly Junior Clinics

NSW 'Active Kids' vouchers welcome! 


View the Junior Golf Pathway to On-Course Play


Term 4 2021 (9 weeks - Sun 10 October to Sun 5 December)

Term 4 2021 (9 weeks - Wed 6 October to Wed 1 December) 

Golf is a safe, long term sport that teaches life skills, such as sharing, turn-taking and other important strategies like problem solving. Golf also promotes concepts like playing within the rules, good sportsmanship, etiquette and physical literacy which is "the motivation, confidence, physical competence, understanding and knowledge to maintain physical activity at an individually appropriate level throughout life" (Whitehead, 2006).

This is the holistic learning that gives children and young people:

  • physical skills and fitness;

  • the attitudes and emotions that motivate them to be active;

  • the social skills to be active with others; and

  • the knowledge and understanding of how, why and when you move.


MyGolf Weekly Junior Clinics are held on Wednesday's and Sunday's to allow participation on a weekday, after school or on the weekend. 


MyGolf Weekly Junior Clinics facilitate age and skill appropriate participation and development in a fun and relaxed environment. Each child will commence at a level that reflects their confidence and ability. This skills based assessment of where to commence the learning journey considers their age, physical literacy and ability.

Bronze - Benninger - Juniors who are young or new to golf 


$15 / session or $100 / term (pay upfront - save $35)

  • Lower primary school children, approx. 4 - 7 years

  • No prior experience needed

  • Modified plastic equipment is supplied. Only two brightly colored, plastic golf clubs are used. The 'Launcher' allows for full shots, pitching and chipping to be played off a small rubber mat and tee called the 'Launch Pad". The children learn to hit fluffy tennis balls over small distances towards large velcro targets and flags, making golf easier and lots more fun. The 'Roller' is used to putt the ball towards triangular velcro targets to score points! 

  • Fun drills help children develop their motor skills, balance, strength and coordination, as golf requires all of these.

  • Children learn the basic elements of golf in a modified form, which resembles mini golf

  • Instruction is flexible and tailored to suit individual needs

  • Safety is a key focus with hula-hoop 'look-then-hit' and cone 'wait-your-turn' zones clearly defined

  • Children may begin to explore 2 to 5 holes of the golf course in small groups - 3 children to one adult playing an Ambrose golf format, teeing off 100 meters from the hole

NSW 'Active Kids' vouchers welcome! 


Silver - Intermediate - Juniors getting better for social golf

$15 / session or $100 / term (pay upfront - save $35)

  • Primary school children, approx. 7 - 10 years

  • Little or no prior experience needed

  • Modified junior golf equipment is supplied. Generally a small 7 iron, sand wedge and putter are used for full shots, pitching and chipping off a small rubber mat or grass with a tee. The children learn to hit rubber golf balls over short and medium distances towards obstacles, targets and flags. A small putter is used to putt the ball towards holes on the practice green to score points!

  • Instruction is flexible and tailored to suit individual needs

  • Safety is a key focus with hula-hoop 'look-then-hit' and cone 'wait-your-turn' zones clearly defined.

  • Children learn the fundamental elements of golf, including simplified rules and terminology, falling somewhere between miniature and regulation golf.

  • Coaches and participants are able to track progress by observing measurable skill progression, strengths and weaknesses 

  • Children will explore 5 - 9 holes of the golf course in small groups - 3 children to one adult playing an Ambrose golf format, teeing off 150 meters from the hole
  • One team (the winners, most improved, the best listeners or the team with the best attitude, behaviour or manners) will give a joint acceptance speech to take home a prize or trophy for that week.

  • Children demonstrate they are ready for on-course play and learning at Golf level by achieving all required golf skills and knowledge through the Junior Golf Pathway to On-Course Play Golf Safety, Rules and Scoring Quiz 


NSW 'Active Kids' vouchers welcome! 


Gold - Proficient - Juniors improving their golf to play recreationally

$15 / session or $100 / term (pay upfront - save $35)

  • Upper primary to high school children, approx. 10 to 14 years

  • Hold a Golf Australia handicap with the goal of achieving a semi-technical approach to skills development, practice, goal setting, the golf mindset and game development for amateur golf

  • Participants usually have their own full or half set of golf clubs and use real (soft feel) golf balls. The set may be new or pre-loves and will include a 5, 7 and 9 iron, a pitching and sand wedge, a driver and possibly a 7 hybrid.

  • Rules for safe play underpin quiz questions and answers and safety zones are clearly defined for everyone. 

  • Children begin to refine the fundamental elements of golf and will know and understand many of the rules and terminology for regulation golf.

  •  Children will regularly play 9 - 18 holes of golf recreationally or competitively in small groups with other children or adults teeing off from the women's or men's tees

  • Each individual will be confident to prepare and present a short speech to accept a prize or trophy.

  • Children graduate to platinum level by consistently achieving skills assessment outcomes to transition into sub-elite junior golf development programs

NSW 'Active Kids' vouchers welcome! 



Sunday - Play Junior Golf

NSW 'Active Kids' vouchers welcome! 


Each Sunday morning, from 9.30am, junior golfers participating in the MyGolf Weekly Junior Clinics can play golf at Narrabri Golf Course. For those new to golf we follow an Ambrose format that begins by teeing off from the round yellow markers that shorten the fairways on each hole. The number of holes completed will vary according to the speed of play and course availability.


Sunday mornings are a great option for Silver - Intermediate and Gold - Proficient junior golfers who are keen to participate in a junior 5 hole or 9 hole social competition. 

A Parent's Critical Role

It's important to promote sportsmanship, honesty, and ethical behavior.  These values are vital in sports and generally in life.


The CNGPS/MGIC Team is looking out for these things in children.


After practice or a game, parents should congratulate children, no matter what the outcome or score.


As a guide, ask these three questions, which help to listen and reinforce the values of joy, wellness and ongoing improvement. 

Did you have fun?

What did you learn?

Did you try your best?


I love you (followed by a hug)!


David MacKenzie, founder of Golf State of Mind says, "junior golfers can struggle with: 

  • Losing confidence and self-esteem

  • Being too focused on score and the end result

  • Being too nervous and having “performance anxiety”

  • Not being able to rebound from poor shots

  • Being too focused on what went wrong

  • Trying to please parents and coaches

  • Comparing themselves to their peers and worrying about what they think


Parents and coaches have a big influence over the development of a junior golfer’s mental game and how well they cope with and overcome these struggles, which can prevent them from playing their best game.

The words that a junior (or adult for that matter) hears before and after their rounds has a huge impact on their state of mind, their self-belief and their performance.  


Fortunately, juniors are very “coachable” and can learn new mental skills and change thinking patterns quickly. To learn the strategies to help a child improve their mental game, check out  5 ways to be a better parent to a junior golfer

Sub-elite Junior Golf Development

Platinum - Accomplished - Juniors honing their sub-elite armature representative skills 

Fees are determined on an individual basis. Please Contact Us to discuss program needs.

  • High school children, approx. 13 to 17 years who are a registered junior member of a NSW Golf Club

  • Hold a Golf Australia (GA) handicap

Boys with a GA handicap between 30 to 12 or lower 

Girls with a GA handicap between 35 to 15 or lower

  • Own or can purchase a full set of golf clubs (new or pre-loved)

  • Have a goal of achieving a more focused technical approach to skills development and goal setting

  • Willing to undertake a structured golf development program that may include: an annual Golf Health Check; golf clinics; supervised practice sessions; or a package of private lessons with on-course tuition (to suit individual needs and aspirations)

  • Be inspired to compete in local junior golf competitions and open days or the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation development pathway - MyGolf Junior League