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Indoor Golf

Rules & Regulations

Play by the rules or don’t play!

A few dress regulations – keep them on at all times! No bare feet, singlets, provocative, gang-related, or offensive clothing.

Consider otherslanguage, televised material and music must be suitable for all, including children and young people.


Prompt play – 30 seconds is allocated to play a stroke. Respect the player or group to follow. Move on as soon as your allotted time is up. We would love for you to finish your last hole. However, as other bookings follow, the simulator will transition to the next booking when your time is up.


Group size – a maximum of four golfers per session per bay unless otherwise stated in writing.


Don’t touch your dirty balls – to preserve impact screens and projected images you must:

  • use new, white, unmarked golf balls, supplied or available from Indoor Golf Narrabri & Golfie Pro Shop (IGN&GPS). No marked, coloured, logoed or patterned balls such as Pix, Truvis or Triple Track.

  • before play, clean your club faces/heads using the cleaning station.

  • Free-standing tees are available to preserve indoor mats and protect eyes.

Duty of care

  • One player within the hitting space! Look around before you swing. No practice swings outside the hitting space.

  • Hit one ball at a time from the centre of the hitting space, and only TOWARDS THE IMPACT SCREEN.

  • Strictly no “Happy Gilmores”, trick shots or ball throwing to prevent injury.

  • If not golfing, maintain a safe distance from any person’s range of swing, behind the table. 

  • No food or drink is to be consumed in the bays to prevent spills, slips, trips and falls. Move to the viewing area to eat, drink, or respectfully sledge a mate. It’s safer for all!

  • A parent, carer or responsible adult must supervise children and young people under 18 years of age.

  • Immediately report all safety risks, abuse or neglect to

TrackMan keeps score and maintains your data, so you don’t need to – While tournaments and completions occur, studio usage focuses on custom fitting, golf improvement and entertainment. The size of the smiles matter!


No BYO food or drink – please order and purchase from the Club Narrabri Golfie bar, restaurant or vending machines. We reserve the right to stop participation due to excessive alcohol or behaviour endangering yourself or others.


If you drink, don’t drive – don’t even chip or putt! Plan to leave your gear and car, and call a friend or TAXI if you suspect you are over the limit.

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Club privileges – including passes/fobs, belonging and participation may be revoked for abusing rules and regulations, alcohol, drugs, yourself or others, without compensation.

Passes and fobs are for sole use – report lost or stolen passes and fobs to A replacement fob is issued for a minimal fee.


Obey all legal, verbal and posted rules, regulations and instructions. If you make a booking, you are responsible for the conduct, equipment, any damages to the premises caused by careless use of equipment or other intentional or negligent acts of yourself or guests, including ‘no show’ fees (if applicable).


Policies and procedures


Smile for the cameras. By booking, attending or participating, you permit photography or video to be recorded and used for investigative or promotional purposes without compensation.


Yamma – Acknowledgement of Country

We pay our respects to the Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay people and Elders past and present, who have a continuing spiritual connection to land and waters. We extend that respect to all, including First Nations people who visit or make the Narrabri region their home. We also acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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