What We’re About

It all starts with a dream to be healthy and active, a dream to have the right equipment and technique, a dream to be the best you can be. At MGIC, we’ve been making golfing dreams come true since 2000. You'll find us as you enter the picturesque Murwillumbah Golf Course. Whether you’re a beginner, novice or a professional, enjoy your game and reach your potential with MGIC.


The Team​​​

Graeme Trew

PGA Master Golf Coach, Club Fitter & Builder

  • Advanced PGA accreditation/AAA ratings in:

  1. Small Business; and

  2. Coaching;

  • North Coast Academy of Sport Head Coach (2013 – 2018);

  • Level 1 Aim Point and Harold Swash putting coach;

  • Dave Pelz short game coach;

  • Worked with the mental coach Ian Lynah and other renown golf coaches including David Leadbetter, Chuck Hogan, Phil Kenyon, Jim McLean, Paul Runyan and Henry Bolton;

  • Member of the International Professional Association of Club Fitters (IPAC);

  • A Ping Club Fitter and authorised fitting centre;

  • A KZG Master Club Fitter awarded the title of “World’s Top 100 Club Fitters” (2011 – 2020);

  • Awabakal man; and 
  • NSW Working With Children Check number: WWC0961845E (valid to 04/04/2026).

Ian Armour

Ian Armour Community Golf Cert (3).JPG

 ASCNCAS Community Golf Instructor


  • *Accredited through the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (ASCNCAS);

  • Life Member of the Northern Rivers District Golf Association (NRDGA);

  • Former NRDGA President and Junior Golf Coordinator responsible for selecting and supervising junior teams playing inter-district matches and the Jack Newton Junior Golf International;

  • Murwillumbah Golf Club member; and

  • NSW Working With Children Check number: WWC1178265E (valid to 28/11/2021).


Lucas Higgins

Lucas Higgins Community Golf Cert 2.JPG

ASCNCAS Community Golf Instructor

  • *Accredited through the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (ASCNCAS);

  • Member of the NSW and QLD Men's Teams and the Golf NSW and QLD High Performance Squads;

  • Winner of the 18 - 20 Year's division of the 2018/2019 Gary Player Classic;

  • Murwillumbah Golf Club member;

  • NSW Working With Children Check number: WWC2212380E (valid to 02/12/2025);

  • ABN: 91 560 488 023. 


Nicole Cooper

Lucas Higgins Community Golf Cert 2.JPG

 ASCNCAS All Abilities & Community Golf Instructor


  • *Accredited through the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (ASCNCAS);

  • Workplace Trainer and Assessor | Diploma of Vocational Education and Training;

  • Darug woman | Diploma of Aboriginal Studies for Professional and Community Practice;

  • Supports the MIGC Team to coordinate projects, manage change and build client and community relationships;

  • Murwillumbah Golf Club member; and

  • NSW Working With Children Check number: WWC2214478V (valid to 08/12/2025).


Paul Stanwix

Ian Armour Community Golf Cert (3).JPG

 ASCNCAS All Abilities & Community Golf Instructor


  • *Accredited through the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (ASCNCAS);

  • Mortgage Broker, with a corporate finance background;

  • Murwillumbah Golf Club Junior Coordinator;

  • Murwillumbah Golf Club member; 

  • NSW Working With Children Check number: WWC2219147V (valid to 15/12/2025).


*Please Note: 


Instructors and Coaches

All accredited Community Golf Instructors are covered under public liability insurance up to $20 million and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $5 million under Golf Australia’s personal liability program, when delivering Golf Australia’s National Programs - MyGolf, MyGolf Schools and Get into Golf. These programs must be uploaded to with the Instructor named as a listed deliverer.

In addition, all PGA Professionals are covered as part of their PGA Australia membership in respect of personal injury or property damage resulting from instances occurring in connection with PGA activities for example coaching, practice and participation in tournaments etc.


All registered participants including volunteers and officials are covered by personal liability for personal injury or property damage caused while participating in a Golf Australia’s National Program - MyGolf, MyGolf Schools and Get into Golf.




The golf professional is the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO). Their role is to build a vibrant, active golfing community through:

  • Fostering an ethical, inclusive culture that protects children and young people, promotes fun and celebrates success;

  • Expressing emotionally intelligent leadership, open communication and relationship development internally and externally;

  • Instilling trust and transparency by taking responsibility for one’s own conduct and that of the team;

  • Demonstrating and promoting best practice in teaching, learning, professional development and product knowledge;

  • Acting in ways that show the organisation's reputation and long-term success are more important than short-term gains;

  • Inviting and receiving feedback towards continual improvement by listening to people’s views, respecting what they say, involving them when making decisions about matters that will directly affect them and acting on their recommendations or concerns; and

  • Eliminating politics and being a conduit for great ideas that keep the team and organisation focused on common good goals.



Our vision is to provide an environment where learners and golfing enthusiasts of all abilities can connect, receive excellent products, services and advice and enjoy refining their game at all levels. We value and are committed to providing excellent training and career development opportunities for employees and meeting the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.


We dedicate ourselves and our facility to exceeding the expectations of Murwillumbah Golf Club members and guests through quality advice, services, products and programs that are second to none, in an inviting, family-friendly environment that offers the following benefits:

  • A comfortable and inviting facility with clean amenities;

  • Exceptional customer experiences, where every service provided is the best of its kind - guaranteed;

  • Ethical, PGA and ASCNCAS accredited product knowledge, teaching, management, fitting and repairs;

  • Tailored teaching and learning programs, with supervised driving range practice for men, women and juniors;

  • On-course tuition and mentorship;

  • Affordable and equitable access to golf participation, where a lesson package or clinics qualifies you for a three-month trial Murwillumbah Golf Club membership;

  • A child safe environment where children's genuine engagement, safety and well-being is at the center of thought, values and actions, with a Child Safe Policy to reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people and procedures to respond any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions of harm;

  • Camaraderie, fellowship and enjoyment through open and transparent lines of communication, leading to continual improvement.


​We are totally accountable as a team, for the brand, reputation and service culture presented to our customers.


People are the most important asset at MGIC and golfing community. A person who feels appreciated will always flourish and do more than what is expected because they have a sense of purpose within the business and a platform for spreading ideas that work. Every person in the team is respected and demonstrates respect for themselves and others according to the below values.



We  C  A  R  E  about:

  • our customers and our team;

  • building and maintaining a child safe environment which is inclusive, transparent and promotes participation;

  • providing ways to allow adults, youths and children to provide feedback or raise concerns;

  • promoting good sportsmanship and delivering positive, social and competitive golf experiences;

  • being good stewards of our land, culture and community connections;

  • life-long learning, continuous improvement and innovation; and

  • the brand and reputation of MGIC and Murwillumbah Golf Club.

C - Commitment
A - Accountability
R - Respect
E - Excellence


As a team, we share a belief:

  • in ethical behaviour! We act with integrity in an honest, fair, equitable and accountable manner in all of our dealings;

  • that honesty is always the best policy - trust is earned and essential;

  • that teamwork, well-being and a healthy work/life balance encourage creativity and innovation;

  • that family is fundamentally important - individuals in the team form our workforce family;

  • in managing resources well and exercising frugality;

  • that all people are human, deserve good things or relationships in life, have strengths and talents and the power to change themselves and situations - if a mistake is made, own it, make amends and learn from it;

  • in human diversity - we value people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, experiences, and interests; and

  • in social justice and advancing human rights - we commit to providing an inclusive, culturally safe environment that promotes Reconciliation for Australia's First Nations.

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